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Making the Most of Vista

You've heard us say it before so forgive us for sounding like a broken record, but Vista? She ain't going nowhere -- except maybe your desktop. Sure, no one's jumping out of their seats to have the new OS installed on their PC, but eventually it's going to find it's way there. Believe us, it's a matter of when -- not if.

Over the next few weeks and along with our sister publication InformationWeek, we'll be presenting a series of Vista Tips and guides to help you get a grip on Vista. Whether you're implementing right now, or just considering taking the plunge, our features, how-to's and software suggestions will help you make the most of your Vista experience, whether at home or work.

You can find our list of articles below. Keep checking on it as we'll keep adding stories as the weeks go by.

Our NWC Analytics Tech Report lays out Vista deployment strategies and tactics. It breaks down the hardware and software costs associated with a Vista upgrade, takes a close look at enterprise Vista migration toolsets and delivers original, detailed Vista deployment planning guides for enterprises of all sizes. Use it to prepare your own enterprise for the deployment of Vista on the desktop.
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- Using WinRE To Repair Damaged Systems

Microsoft has made great strides in the stability of its Windows operating system, but things can still go wrong. Here's what to do when a key driver goes missing or a system disk fails.

- Excluding Directories From Vista's Built-In Backup
Vista's built-in backup utility can be very useful, but it's got some serious limitations. Here's how to get around one of the most annoying.

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