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M86 Integrates Web Security, URL Filtering Reporting, Improves Social Media Controls

M86 Security has added Web security reporting capabilities to its Reporter product, adding information from its Web Security Gateway appliances to its existing reports from its URL filtering products. The security vendor also announced Secure Web Gateway 10.0, with improved on-box reporting, more granular social media controls and enhanced ability to filter out malicious code from compromised websites. The reporting enhancements are a significant step towards the integration of M86 product lines, particularly the Web security technology obtained when the company acquired Finjan in November 2009.

Reporter 3.0 provides a single dashboard for URL filtering and security. Security reports include viruses blocked, security rules triggered, traffic analysis by content type and security policy violations. Reporter appliances provide six terabytes of onboard storage and 12 terabytes with external storage.The improved on-box reporting should be attractive to SMBs with additional reports, filters and improved scheduling.

M86 will add e-mail security reporting from its MailMarshal products next year, he said. Integration is a high priority for M86, which was formed by the 2008 merger of URL filtering vendor 8e6 Technologies and U.K.-based Marshal, an e-mail and Web security company. The main inhibitor to integration of Web filtering and Web security in the enterprise has been that separate organizations have been responsible for them, with URL filtering being viewed as a compliance issue and Web security falling under network  organizations or on the risk management side

"The ability to manage Web security from the standpoint of threat analysis and URL filtering from single interface seems to be what the market wants," said Michael Osterman, president of Osterman Research. "To manage anything you do with the Web or Web 2.0 applications or email or real-time communications is really a policy decision. "It all boils down to policy engines for all communication types."

Web Security Gateway 10.0 also features more granular social networking site controls for both inbound and outbound traffic. It can control traffic and policy based on protocols, content size and specific URLs. So, for example, an organization can set rules on file uploads and downloads based on file size, or extend read-only privileges for social sites such as Facebook, file sites such as SlideShare or even blogs.

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