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Lumeta Announces New Release of IPsonar

SOMERSET, N.J., Nov. 16, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- Lumeta Corporation , the leading provider of network discovery, mapping
and network leak detection solutions for large enterprises and
government agencies, today announced a new release of IPsonar??, which
includes advancements in the product's discovery, visualization and
analysis capabilities.

Lumeta's IPsonar features an integrated network risk scorecard, the Lumeta Network Index???, to distill network discovery data across an enterprise network into a set of high-level metrics from 4 categories (Network Topology, Network Address Space, Network Leaks, Device Fingerprints). The scorecard displays items such as Unknown Networks, Network Leaks and Perimeter Router Statistics to quickly highlight priority areas of risk for remediation. The Lumeta Network Index executive scorecard helps organizations quantify and compare levels of network risk over time; measure the effectiveness of security policies; and better understand the impact of network change on the state of the enterprise network as a whole.

The latest release also allows for a high level of customization through IPsonar custom services. Through a consulting engagement, the new enhanced scorecard mechanism can be configured to report on a variety of security and compliance metrics in support of internal network policy measurement or key aspects of regulations such as the Payment Card Industry Standards (PCI) or the United States Government Configuration Baseline (USGCB).

As part of IPsonar's robust Device Discovery module, Lumeta has added Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Certificate identification and HTTPS testing capabilities. IPsonar Device Discovery SSL Certificate Identification allows users to proactively manage expiry, reducing the risk of SSL downtime; validate security compliance for online transactions, communications and web-based applications; and identify "rogue" or expired certificates.

The SSL Certificate Identification feature reports on SSL Certificate attributes such as IP address, Internal DNS Name, Expiry Date, Certificate Type, Issuer and Subject. IPsonar's automated inventory of all SSL Certificates across all domains is completely vendor-neutral and Certificate Authority (CA) agnostic, providing visibility into extensive SSL deployments across diverse environments.

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