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Linux/UNIX/Xenix/AIX, Whatever: It's Time To Do Business

For years, UNIX and its many flavored brethren have face opposition (extremely stiff at times) from the mainstream computer-user community. When I speak of UNIX, I intend it to be for any flavor of this most popular operating system.

This resistance, which has proved over time to be futile (ah, another Star Trek reference), was based on the perceived difficulties in a command-line language, and for the bastard children of UNIX, a fear that support would be non-existent.

We all, whether we're Gatesian or Richiean, have to accept that UNIX and its variants are both cost-effective, solid, mission-critical operating system platforms.

From simple (what an oxymoron that word has become) Internet services we take for granted, to complex firewalls, gateways and database servers, UNIX systems excel. They excel for several reasons; the code for the most part is based on open architecture, the code is lean and many times is free.

And it was just that word "free" that was the antithesis of the resistance movement. How could free be good? Where would support come from, and more importantly for some, how could we make money? Time has proven that support is an e-mail away, experts abound (especially in our Universities and High Schools) and UNIX companies are making money.

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