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Letters: Taken in By Cisco?; Simple Choices

Taken In by Cisco?
Is Dave Molta yet another data guy wowed by Cisco when it comes to voice? The bottom line is that Cisco offers only pure IP phone systems ("VoWLANs: Poised for Takeoff," Oct. 30, 2003).

Cisco's setup is more vulnerable than converged systems, such as those from Nortel and Avaya. What's that have to do with wireless VoIP? You must have a Cisco phone system to use its wireless handsets. And Cisco doesn't use SIP, which will become a standard for these devices.

David Barritt
Supervisor of Telecommunications
Meto Health Corp.
[email protected]

Dave Molta replies:

I admit to being a data guy, but I didn't realize I had been wowed by Cisco. We explained some of the limitations of the Cisco system, including its proprietary architecture. We also emphasized that the main appeal of the 7920 is for environments committed to a Cisco VoIP infrastructure. Unfortunately, the major wireless VoIP systems are proprietary to some degree, and we weren't impressed with the SIP clients we tested. We agree that standards are a big issue, and we tried to make that point.

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