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Letters: OffShore Debate

While it may be true that we aren't graduating enough computer scientists, engineers and mathematicians from our universities, Preston doesn't address the other end of the spectrum--those computer scientists, engineers and mathematicians whose high-paying jobs have been outsourced to India and other countries, or those who have been replaced by immigrants and forced to train them (the ultimate slap in the face).

It's all about the bottom line. Corporations readily admit they're saving big bucks by outsourcing jobs to Third World countries and/or importing labor from abroad. Maybe the children of U.S. scientists and engineers are choosing other careers because they've seen how shabbily corporate America has treated their parents.

Graduating more U.S. scientists and engineers is useless if they can't find jobs in this country. Wait, I have the answer. They should move to India, China or Mexico and compete in those job markets.

Betty A. Watson
Network Administrator

Tidewater Community College
[email protected]

Editor's note: Our readers haven't been shy in responding to Rob Preston's recent column. For more viewpoints on this topic, see the update to Rob's previous column, and be sure to read Rob's current column.

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