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Aw, Go On!
Lori MacVittie's "Dive Carefully" (Oct. 16, 2003) was a great piece. She obviously knows the Web services market, including its security pitfalls. Her points pertaining to SSL and TLS were right on.

I'm heavily involved in the area of Web services, and I think Lori MacVittie does an excellent job in helping to clarify the current security imbroglio surrounding Web services security.
Russell Ruggiero, Chairman
[email protected]

Missing Gateways?
Lori MacVittie's recent articles on Web services security ("Dive Carefully") and Web services gateways ("Enemy at the Gateway," Oct. 16, 2003) have been very useful. My company is in the middle of a security assessment relating to the use of Web services, and we're researching Actional's SOAPstation. Why wasn't it included in the review of WS gateways? Is it not of the same ilk? Have you heard of it, and do you have any information or concerns about its use?
Benny Jones; Senior Security Engineer
Company name withheld by request
[email protected]

I noticed you didn't include Check Point Software's firewall product in your competitive comparison of WS Security gateways.

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