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Let's Exchange MS Exchange

I'd really like to exchange Exchange, I'd really would.

One of the offices I work in is a Windows shop. That's not right. All the offices I work in and with are for the most part Windows shops. Ok, all the offices, except the ones that have Macs are Windows shops.

But there is that one exception, that has the FreeBSD box, but they're sort of out of business. But that had nothing to do with the FreeBSD box, but more with the management. And since they fired almost everyone, I think now they're a totally Mac shop, but the FreeBSD box still works. I just tried it.

Anyway, a bunch of these Windows shops use Microsoft Exchange. They run Exchange on its own server, with lots of RAM, and big, big, big, big hard drives. One of my clients also uses Norton Anti-Virus for Exchange (NAV) to sanitize the e-mail.

Let's just say I have a constant headache. The database gets hosed. The database gets corrupt. The drive runs out of space. The NAV quarantine folder gets filled and it chokes Exchange.

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