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Last Mile

Words We should Ban

• A pre-emptive entry: "Whuffie," from writer Cory Doctorow's recent book Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom, denoting work for nothing more than respect, karma and mad props. Must we remind you of the already popular word "whiffy"? --Brad Shimmin

• "Integration," which is like trying to merge into the Chicago loop during rush hour. --Lori MacVittie

• "Ducks in a row." Everyone knows ducks walk in a row without any assistance. --Amy Lipton

• "Pre-" as in prebriefing, preinstallation. Does preboarding the plane mean that I get on the plane before I get on the plane? --Robert Kohlepp

• "All words with caps in the middle." I have a hard enough time spelling as it is without having to worry about extra caps in vendor product names. EnOugh AlReaDy! --Peter Morrisey

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