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'Killer Ecosystem' Needed For Mobile Web 2.0

Telecoms and mobile application developers desperately need an agreed upon framework of open standards to ensure the next generation of mobile applications are winners with customers, a panel of experts recommended Tuesday.

Paola Tonelli from the Open Mobile Alliance and Illkka Raiskinen, the senior VP of Multimedia Experiences at Nokia, discussed what elements were needed to advance Mobile 2.0 applications. The panel, which included Ajit Joakar of Open Gardens and Mike McCune from Tellme, made its recommendations during a morning session at the Web 2.0 Expo, which is in San Francisco this week.

The consensus is that customers need a "killer ecosystem" and not a "killer app" or combination of applications to help build Mobile Web 2.0 applications and services.

IP over cellular, Wi-Fi, WiMax, DVB-H, DMB, and other open standards would allow for the advancement of applications beyond what some on the panel suggested was at Internet 1.0 capabilities.

"I want the system to recognize me and satisfy my requests on whatever mobile device that I'm using," Tonelli said. "I want customization. I don't want latency. I think the mobile industry has a lot to offer the industry. We have the ability to identify the relationship with the customer and the relationship which is much bigger today on the Internet."

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