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Juniper Networks' NetScreen-SM 3000


• Supports Windows, Mac and Linux clients, as well as multiple browsers
• Lets users easily schedule meetings using the Web interface or Outlook
• Offers seamless support for meeting participants from outside the organization
• Supports clustering


• Supports real-time collaboration only
• Includes limited real-time applications

Juniper Networks NetScreen SM-3000 Secure Meeting server, offered as an upgrade to Juniper's Secure Access VPN, with pricing starting at $1,995. Juniper Networks, (800) 638-8296, (408) 745-9500.

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Secure Meeting supports desktop and application sharing, text chatting, and presentation annotation, all of which worked as advertised. I found the annotation features especially useful, as I could point to a topic on the screen during a presentation and embellish it by adding text and drawing circles and squiggly lines. But for voice integration or real-time video, or a package that integrates real-time and asynchronous collaboration, you'll need to look elsewhere--these features aren't available in Secure Meeting.

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