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It's Launch Time

Three, two, one -- Server Pipeline has launched!

It took a bit of planning, a lot of work and a good deal of foresight, but it has taken off. Come to think of it, that sounds an awful lot like the process you'd go through before buying a server. In fact, determining what you need in a server can be very challenging. So many factors to consider. Are you looking for something low-cost, to support a small business? Or
something high-end, perhaps to support an infrastructure at a bank or utility? Perhaps a server in-between -- a mid-range unit -- could fit your needs? And have you thought about the operating system?
It's a tough call. This pipeline has been created to help you make the right hardware determination, whether you are making the decision for your own company, or you're a solution provider helping your client get just the right fit.

For instance, check out Choosing The Right Server. We take you through some of the most salient points before you commit to anything. Same goes for Sizing Up Servers. If you're leaning toward blade servers to reduce costs and same some space, see Blade Servers: A Wonder Drug For Some Business Ailments, But Not All.

Our guest blogger is Wayne Spivak, himself the owner of a solution provider consultancy. He makes his living providing answers for customers just like you, or just like you might have. Check back here for columns on his take on Unix, Linux and, of course, Microsoft.

For any of your server questions, we hope you'll come back here for answers. And if you have other concerns, feel free to e-mail me at [email protected].