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The IT Agenda: Stay the Course

The market eventually embraced disk duplication as a sound method of hard drive configuration. It wasn't my idea, but I thought it was a good one and worthy of discussion. True to my father's theorem, the fact that the idea raised so many hackles among those comfortable with the status quo proved its worth.

Words of Encouragement

I've recalled my pop's advice throughout my professional career, and at no time have I needed it more than when I've changed jobs. Although I haven't stepped into the perfect IT organization yet, each new boss has appreciated my fresh perspective. But predictably, there were always those who preferred I didn't rock the boat. Any time you step into a new role, you need encouragement to stave off those detractors and stay the course, whether you're implementing IT policy or technology. For example, if you've been hired as the new mail administrator because of your fly abilities with blacklisting and content filtering, you're sure to get major pushback.

Since I've recently accepted a new position, I decided to write myself a note of encouragement so I'll have it to refer to whenever the criticism gets too loud, and, as my pop did, I pass it on to you.

One of my favorite scenes in The Matrix is when Agent Smith is holding Neo down on the subway tracks. You can hear the train roaring toward them, and Smith says, "Hear that, Mr. Anderson? That is the sound of inevitability. That is the sound of your death." Faced with an unacceptable outcome, Neo doesn't disappoint: He manages to pull some superpowered martial arts moves on Smith and do what he's destined to do--fight to change the status quo.

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