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Isilon Launches MigrationIQ

SEATTLE -- Isilon Systems, the leader in clustered storage, today announced the release of MigrationIQ™, the industry's first software application that enables automated data migration between multiple tiers of clustered storage. MigrationIQ, the latest addition to Isilon's expanding suite of clustered storage software applications, provides enterprises with the ability to seamlessly migrate digital content and unstructured data between high-performance, Tier-1 storage to high-capacity, Tier-2 near-line archive storage. This new solution provides users and applications with instant access to always-online digital content while dramatically reducing total cost of ownership, enabling businesses to streamline workflows and extract maximum revenue from their digital content assets at every point in the information lifecycle. Isilon also announced today that Austin Radiological Association, E! Networks, Kodak Gallery and Sony Pictures Imageworks are among Isilon customers who have been testing MigrationIQ.

"Multi-tiered, disk-based storage has become a required storage infrastructure component, enabling enterprises to ensure easy and instant access to rapidly growing stores of data, regardless of the data's current stage in its lifecycle," said Steve Broadhead, Founder and Director of Broadband Testing Laboratories. "In our testing of MigrationIQ we have proven Isilon's new software application to be an extremely intelligent, flexible and cost-effective solution for managing tiered storage requirements of enterprises and believe that MigrationIQ will pay for itself many times over within a very short space of time and therefore has to be recommended to Isilon IQ customers."

"As digital content continues to grow exponentially in both prevalence and importance, it is becoming absolutely necessary that businesses store their critical business data on the class of storage most appropriate to its place in the information workflow and lifecycle," said Sam Grocott, Director of Product Management, Isilon Systems. "Isilon's tiered clustered storage solution, powered by MigrationIQ software, enables enterprises to maximize the value of their business information while reducing the complexity and cost of storing it, ultimately allowing them to do more in less time and achieve breakthroughs in their business."

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