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Ipolicy Networks' ipEnforcer Enforces Security Policies

We tested an 3400 at the Network Performance Research Lab at Cal Poly-San Luis Obispo. The device we received, a 2U, rack-mountable unit with three Gigabit Ethernet interfaces, comes with a separate 10/100-Mbps link for the management connection. We also were sent a 1U rack-mountable USM (Unified System Manager) Express 3000. This essential management device is sold separately and can be used to configure up to 1,000 ipEnforcers. The idea is to distribute your 3400s around your enterprise and use one USM to manage them all. The connection between the USM and the 3400 is secured using SSL.

We ran a wizard on the USM 3000 to configure basic USM and 3400 device information, including management IPs, interface IPs and NAT (Network Address Translation) features. We set up the 3400 as a gateway, and used two Gigabit Ethernet links for our test network, which comprised a security domain for LAN traffic and a DMZ of five Web servers, one e-mail server and one DNS server. We used the third Gigabit Ethernet link for Internet access.

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