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An Interview With Juniper's Scott Kriens

Scott Kriens 'Live'
Rob Preston goes one-on-one with the CEO of Juniper Networks
in this video interview (Requires RealPlayer).

Network Computing:
Having had a month or so to start digesting the acquisitions of Peribit Networks
and Redline Networks
, what have been the biggest challenges so far, the biggest surprises?

Kriens: There's a
positive and negative side to what's been most surprising, and that's how little understanding there is for the solution those companies provide. What those
companies basically do, when you put them together, is they address a problem with application software. Application software wasn't meant to be set up as a
Web service and accessed over browsers, PDAs and laptops. The second assumption was that the users were in the same building, and now the users are on wireless
connections halfway around the world and bandwidth is scarce and hard to manage and everything else. So this area that the [Peribit and Redline] products
address of application performance places intelligence in the network so that an application that was not built to be accessed by a browser over a long distance
is now "magically" able to do that now. It runs fast and all the processing to present the Web page and all that is offloaded so the application doesn't have
to worry about it. You can just ask it for the raw math or the customer information that you wanted as if you were the user in the next room, and it
never knows the difference.

What I didn't realize, on the positive side, is how many people are struggling with that problem. We knew it was important, because we spent a half a billion dollars on it, but it turns out that it was even more topical a
problem than we thought it was. The challenge with that is that there's a lot more evangelizing needed to explain and position and sell the solutions.

Network Computing: So are you engaging different people within the IT organization who you may not have dealt with previously?

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