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Interview With BMC's Tom Bishop

Tom Bishop

Is a configuration management database a linchpin around which to own a customer's management infrastructure?

That's probably the cynical view. To get a set of systems management or IT service management process disciplines to work in a collaborative way, there's a set of information that must be shared. The ITIL spec calls out the CMDB as a necessary component to deliver effective IT service management processes, but in a way that reduces the overall complexity.

But it's difficult to get third-party products to interoperate and federate with another vendor's CMDB.

That may be true today, but certainly it's the goal of the CMDB Federation Working Group to try to make that statement not true. We recognize that in most cases, IT organizations are going to have management solutions from a variety of vendors. We're working to make it possible to federate information from across different management repositories. If this is done correctly and if organizations implement the specification correctly, you'll see CMDBs federating with other CMDBs.

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