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Intel Unveils Tech That Remotely Wakes Sleeping PCs

Wakey, wakey: Intel is adding Remote Wake technology to four of its motherboards, enabling users to stir their desktop computers out of sleep mode from afar.What distinguishes Intel's technology from competitive offerings is the fact that it doesn't require computers to be on full-force, which saves energy, according to the company. Remote Wake lets users retrieve files, including business documents, webcam feeds, live TV shows and music, via an alert signal that's typically been used by IT administrators involved in remote management of corporate PCs or servers. Remote Wake also can be used with VoIP phone services that require computers to be on to receive calls.

Intel's DG45FC, DG45ID, DG43NB and DP43TF motherboards, which use either the G45 or G43 chipset, will include Remote Wake. VoIP provider Jajah, as well as Orb Networks and CyberLink, have announced their intent to support the technology, due out next week.Computerworld, PC Magazine