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Intel Rollout Optimizes 64-Bit Solutions

Aiming to close the gap with rival Advanced Micro Devices in backward-compatible 64-bit systems, Intel has begun shipping to the channel a series of new tools aimed at porting Xeon-based solutions to 64-bit environments.

The Santa Clara, Calif., chip maker said last month that it was rolling out new tools that could help system builders and solution providers optimize 64-bit client solutions running on 32-bit Xeon systems.

The tools should help integrate Intel's EM64T, Xeon processor platform with 64-bit extensions.

Intel's tools follow the release earlier this year of its Intel Extended Memory 64 technology. The instruction set allows system builders and solution providers to optimize 64-bit solutions on the 32-bit hardware architecture.

The tools include compilers, the Intel Integrated Performance Primitives, Intel's VTune Performance Analyzers and the Intel Math Kernel Library. All are aimed at helping system builders integrate Intel's EM64T, its Xeon processor platform with 64-bit extensions and memory addressability.

Over the past 18 months, Intel has been bitten by its inability to compete with AMD's 64-bit platform, which provides backward compatibility between 64-bit software and 32-bit software. Neither Intel's 64-bit Itanium, nor its 32-bit Xeon, had been capable of supporting applications based on the other architecture. However, earlier this year, Intel began shipping its Xeon with that capability.

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