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Insecure Wireless

David Willis replies: I had Robert Moskowitz's article in mind when I wrote that "the recent trickle of wireless security 'flaws' tends to center around unusual usage or bad administrative choices." Moskowitz doesn't say that WPA is flawed in total. Rather, he takes issue with one implementation of it, arguing that users shouldn't use preshared keys that are not truly random in lieu of 802.1x. Anybody serious about security is doing 802.1x.

I stand by my statement: Wireless networks, when properly implemented, are user-aware, device-aware and activity-aware. This beats the current state of the enterprise wired network, and I have dozens of clients who agree.

IP Robber Barons

I liked Jonathan Feldman's recent column on fostering technological innovation through sensible changes in intellectual property legislation ("IP Protection for the 21st Century," Oct. 28, 2004). However, there's one recurring problem that Feldman doesn't mention: theft of IP by bully.

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