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ImageStreams' TransPort Linux Router

Real-World Setup

ImageStream shipped the TransPort TR1000-TE to the Cal Poly Network Performance Research Lab so we could put it through its paces. In addition to the standard Ethernet ports, the TransPort TR1000-TE comes with a T1 link for a WAN (see "TransPort as Gateway," below), which we connected to one of the lab's edge routers to provide an outgoing connection to the campus backbone. We used one of the LAN interfaces to support a local subnet, including Web and e-mail servers. We configured NAT and port forwarding to support the server and the clients on the internal subnet.

ImageStream TransPort

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The ImageStream Web site provides a thorough manual that walks you through the device's initial configuration. You set up global parameters--passwords, device name and DNS settings--via a menu interface. You then configure LAN and WAN port IP addresses and options like duplex, clocking and link speed by editing a configuration file. After entering only the IP information, we were pleased to see the T1 link connected to our edge router using the default settings.

Setting up the firewall options is much more difficult. If you don't know how to create Linux IPTable rule sets, plan on making full use of ImageStream's customer support. The company guarantees 24-hour turnaround time on translating Cisco ACLs (access-control lists) into IPTable rule sets. We used this option and received the rule set the next day. The lack of a Web interface for configuring firewall rules is a major drawback for a device aimed at smaller organizations. I brought this up with ImageStream and was told a Web interface is in the works for later this year.

TransPort as Gateway

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For our LAN clients, we wanted to use DHCP for client network configuration, but the software isn't shipped with the product; however, ImageStream will provide it to you free upon request. Overall, the router worked as expected on our LAN.

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