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IBM Updates DB2 Everyplace

The latest version of IBM's DB2 Everyplace database offers better synchronization to all sorts of devices and new interfaces for Microsoft's .Net Framework and .Net Compact framework, IBM said.

IBM also claims the new Mobile Application Builder tool bundled with the database will enable fast development for handheld devices without writing code.

This database, which aims to bring server-resident data to a wide variety of devices, competes with SQL Server for Windows CE, Oracle 9i Lite and Sybase's SQL Anywhere.

With this technology, traveling sales people could use properly equipped handhelds or cell phones to access the latest sales data and also update order information, with changes replicating back to the home office.

DB2 Everyplace Version 8, available now, supports the Palm OS, Windows CE, Symbian, embedded Linux, QNX Neutrino, Windows NT/2000/XP and Linux operating systems, IBM said.

The news comes just after an early November announcement that IBM unveiled other updates to its Express lineup for midsize companies.

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