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IBM Throws An Opteron Party

IBM on Thursday unveiled its second Advanced Micro Devices Opteron-based server, which the company hopes is ready for when AMD releases its dual-core processors. Big Blue also introduced a line of pretested, preconfigured Opteron-based clustered solutions.

Tracy Barney, vice president of IBM business development at Computer Tech, a Houston-based solution provider, said she is glad to see IBM commit to the Opteron platform by extending its Opteron-based server offerings.

"We really, really liked the initial offering," Barney said. "As an Itanium alternative, it is a great server. Especially how IBM competitively priced it and positioned it as a low-end edge server. Put that together with all the issues with Itanium, and it [fills] the gap."

IBM's new eServer 326 is scheduled to replace the older e325 Opteron server and has been improved with support for dual-core Opteron processors. Industry reports say the processors are expected in mid-2005, said Alex Yost, director of product marketing for eServers at IBM, Armonk, N.Y.

Yost refused to discuss IBM support for dual-core Intel processors. "This is a day to celebrate a lot of great Opteron news," he said.

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