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IBM Cell Processor Debuts In New Blades

The IBM Cell microprocessor technology behind Mercury Computer Systems’ new Dual Cell-Based Blade, announced Thursday, will not only be the harbinger of powerful new things to come for Mercury Computing, but for IBM as well.

In unveiling the specs for the Dual Cell-Based Blade, Mercury demonstrated how it is going beyond gaming applications to become the first vendor to use the Cell technology to address industrial, medical and military markets.

Utilizing two IBM BE processors, Mercury said its blade server will have a 400 GFLOPS peak performance. The configuration will also utilize XDR memory from Rambus and run on Linux OS.

In an interview Satish Gupta, general manager of IBM’s Engineering & Technology Services unit, said the Mercury product, while important, is just the start of what he sees as a growing and long life for the Cell processor. He calls the current Cell technology “a precursor” to processor architecture that can permeate future processors in 10 and 20 years, even finding their way eventually into laptop computers.

Mercury Computer’s Dual Cell-Based Blade will enable the Cell technology to break out of the gaming world where it found its first applications and address demanding applications in aerospace, defense, seismic, semiconductor test, medical imaging and other applications.

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