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Huzzah! for Web Services

Solica Consulting Ltd, a GoldMine?? reseller and developer of add-on products for GoldMine, and StrikeIron???, Inc., a provider of online services and software, today announced the availability of Solica GoldDNC??? for GoldMine.
What the heck is that? StrikeIron has a way cool Web Service that provides instant access to Do Not Call (DNC) lists and Solica has developed an add-on for GoldMine that integrates with StrikeIron's DNC for real-time verification of contact information against do not call lists.
Not only is this an excellent use of Web Services from a technological perspective, but on a personal level as well. The offering can help companies ensure they are compliant with regulations related to do not call lists and individuals could experience the benefits of registration on such lists more quickly.
How cool is that?