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HP Unveils Server Blade Road Map

Hewlett-Packard believes that server blades will rival traditional tower-and-rack systems within a few years, and on Thursday released plans to expand its portfolio to include Opteron- and Itanium-based blades.

HP has sold more than 100,000 server blades since early 2002, and more than 20,000 in the first quarter of this year. Momentum is building, says James Mouton, VP of the platform division of standard servers for HP.

"This isn't a blip that's going away," he says. "We're committed, and the industry is committed."

The company on Thursday announced availability of the ProLiant BL30p, a double-dense, two-processor blade server than will let customers double the server density in a traditional enclosure. The double-dense blades are half the size of traditional blades, allowing an enclosure that could hold eight blades to now hold 16 blades, Mouton says.

The new blades are based on Intel's Xeon processors. But Mouton says Opteron-based double-dense blades are in the works, which will provide improved heat dissipation over the Xeon blades.

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