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HP Builds On StorageWorks Platform

Hewlett-Packard introduced Tuesday the StorageWorks XP12000 disk array built on the Hitachi's 32-petabyte technology, but outfitted with HP software for single-system management, remote copying and disaster recovery across the WAN.

The new array also supports low-cost, tiered storage that's far cheaper than Fibre Channel, while offering the management simplicity of a single virtualized storage pool.

Customers can scale the XP12000 from as few as nine disk drives and 1 terabyte of capacity to data center configurations of up to 1,152 drives and 165 Tbytes using 146-gigabyte drives, or up to 332 Tbytes with 300-Gbyte drives, expected in the first half of 2005.

The XP12000 enables customers to optimize capacity utilization and performance through the ability to host up to 32 petabytes of non-mission-critical data on lower cost external storage devices.

Customers require storage that provides availability, scalability and efficiency to keep up with the escalating data growth, according to Dianne McAdam, senior analyst and partner, Data Mobility Group, in a statement. "The XP12000 provides customers with the solution to overcome these challenges."

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