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How-To: Teach Linux To Do Windows, Part 2

Last week, in Part One of this Recipe, I showed you how to install a Linux distribution so you can still run Windows applications. This week, in Part Two, let's turn our attention to Win4Lin. This is software that helps you migrate to Linux without leaving your Windows applications behind.

To get the most from this Recipe, read Part One first. Also, you must have Linux running on a system before you can install Win4Lin. Assuming you've done both, let's jump in.

The following is a rough summary of what's described in the Win4Lin docs. This is intended to give you an idea of what you are doing; for more precise information, read the manual. Also, if you are reading the manual from Acrobat for Linux (as you should be), don't worry about starting X-Windows; it's already up.

Win4Lin Installation

I. CD Version:

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