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How To Make Video Calls With Skype

As a computer security consultant I must travel to my clients as a part of my job duties. When I do travel I like to keep in touch with my daughter, family and friends -- and I do it making video calls with Skype.

Skype Video work at 15 frames per second and uses the On2 video codec, the same codec that Macromedia Flash uses, which and a very good one for compression and bandwidth usage. To use Skype video, you'll need Windows XP; it's very likely that Skype will be compatible with Windows Vista as well.

In this article I will cover how to make video calls with Skype, and offer some basic tips and tricks so you can take advantage of this new Skype feature. Remember that Skype Video is still considered 'beta' so expect some changes and improvements as Skype improve the video options. Maybe they'll five my two Skype Video Gotcha's as well.

What You Need To Know Before Making a Skype Video Call

Before you start making video calls you will need to select and install a webcam. To see my recommendations for webcams, visit my website or, where I rate many webcams for the purposes of making video calls. A simple rule of thumb for webcams is to select the best! When it comes to webcams, you get what you pay for and I only recommend the top-end ones. Also, select webcams with a CCD sensor, not a CMOS sensor because CCD sensors produce a far better image and are only found in the higher-end webcams which still only cost around US $100.

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