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How To Do The Samba

Here's a fun, useless Samba fact to get this article going: Samba was not named for the dance. Rather, Andrew Tridgell, who currently heads up the Samba development team, named the software in 1991 for the first three letters of Server Message Block, which is the underlying network technology that Samba is based on.

Tridgell ran a dictionary search and found there are only four actual words that include the letters S-M-B in sequence: "salmonberry," "samba," "sawtimber" and "scramble."

And so Samba was born.

It could have been named "salmonberry."

What is Samba, Anyway?
SMB is the file sharing protocol of choice for most operating systems, including Linux and Windows. SMB was created about 20 years ago.

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