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Hifn Rolls Out Gigabit IPsec Security Processors Optimized For IP Data Storage

Hifn has announced the availability of its HIPP III 4300, 4350, 8300 and 8350 Gigabit IPsec security processors, designed to be used in a wide range of secure networking applications, and optimized for IP data storage.

The new HIPP III processors employ Hifn's FlowThrough security architecture, which handles IPsec data path functions and the Internet Key Exchange handshake on a single chip. To accomplish this, the chips support hardware accelerated RSA, DSA and Diffie-Hellman public key processing. The 4300 and 8300 processors perform IPsec processing at two gigabits per second, while the 4350 and 8350 chips can sustain four Gigabit packet processing.

The HIPP III 4300 processor had already attracted industry attention a year before its official release. It was recognized with the 2003 Network Processors Conference's Rising Star award in October 2003.

The new chips have already drawn interest from equipment manufacturers. "With over a dozen design wins with Tier-1 customers in both the SAN & NAS storage market as well as the traditional Internet VPN space, we are very pleased with the uptake," Hifn HIPP III product line director Bob Doud said in a statement. "Our first OEM's have released their products and end users are benefiting from the increased performance and interoperability that these devices offer."

EION Inc. is one of the first. Its Tidal line of broadband gateways will employ the HIPP III 8350 processor to provide a platform for interconnecting network applications, network management services and client/server systems. The Tidal gateways offer secure wireless access for LAN extensions, campus networks and wireless ISPs.