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Help Wanted

Down-on-its luck FEMA is under fire yet again, this time for its technology limitations. Fingers are now being pointed at the beleagured Federal Emergency Management Agency's overtaxed computer system, which is being blamed in part for the department's less-than-stellar response to Hurricane Katrina and the hurricanes that slammed into Florida last year. So a job posting for an information technology specialist may not sound all that appealing right now.But for the hardy souls who attracted by a sense of duty, patriotism, or the lure of the challenge or all three, a DHS report on integration issues and emergency preparedness will come in handy. Not that the promise of a little stress would deter most IT professionals.

As a recent survey of Network Computing readers showed IT pros are no strangers to stress. Yet, the overwhelming majority found something to like about there jobs. After all, IT attracts people looking for a challenge. And with that profile, FEMA should have no problem filling the open positions.