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Hawking Technology's WiFi Locator

However, the signal finder part of the device doesn't work even as well as the earliest Wi-Fi signal finders, such as the Smart ID WFS-1. The Hawking device requires that you hold down a button, keep still and wait for it to scan. The results aren't impressive as you can only see a signal indicator and security marker (open, closed, secured) for ostensibly the strongest network.

I still find the Chrysalis Development WiFi Seeker to be superior with its continuous detection that allows true directionality. And the Canary Wireless Digital Hotspotter has some trade-offs but its integral LCD display provides a fair amount of additional information about the Wi-Fi networks in the vicinity.

Strong Adapter

The Hawking device starts to shine when you use its USB 2.0 interface to plug it in to work as an 802.11g adapter. The long USB cable that comes with the device -- an even longer one would have been appreciated -- and the flip-open design enabled the device used in this mode to position its high-gain antenna quite far from a computer and use its directionality to aid reception.

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