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GroundWork Monitor Adds JBoss Portal

GroundWork Monitor, the systems and network management product based on the GroundWork open source project, is adding a JBoss Portal as its user interface to the upcoming version 6.0 of Monitor, allowing Web browser access to the information collected in Monitor.

Monitor 6.0 is now available as beta code and will soon also include a software development kit for adding user interface features through JBoss Portal.

GroundWork Monitor 6.0 has also received a revamped look and feel, according to Roger Ruttiman, director of engineering at GroundWork Open Source, the company formed to supply products and support built on the core open source code.

With the JBoss Portal and software development kit, GroundWork users will be able to use APIs for portal services and for invoking secured SOAP messaging to access Monitor 6.0 data. The portal interface will allow systems managers to be assigned user permission at page, feature, or configuration levels.

Groundwork Open Source, based in San Francisco, built its product on top of the Nagios open source systems management project. Hyperic also supplies open source systems management; Hyperic is now part of SpringSource. Zenoss is a supplier of open source network management.

Additional information on version 6.0 is available through a Webcast.

To participate in the beta of version 6.0, click here.

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