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Google To Sell New Dell Servers As Search Appliance

Dell's new
PowerEdge server line,
which use Intel's higher-performance and lower-power Woodcrest processor platform and were introduced on Thursday, has already yielded one new high-profile customer win: Google is going to use them for its search appliance.

The Web search giant will use the new PowerEdge servers to create a product that is bundled with other hardware and software and sold to businesses to create a high-performance search platform for internal documents and databases.

Google has been using Dell servers for internal use for some time, but this is believed to be the first time that Google is using Dell systems as a core platform for its search appliance.

This is the second major deal between Dell and Google in recent weeks. Google is paying an undisclosed amount to Dell to have Google search software—Google Desktop and Google Toolbar—installed on Dell computers in multiyear, worldwide agreement involving tens of millions of computers. In addition, Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 will be set to use a Google home page.

As for the latest pact, "we are serving as a supplier to Google," a Dell spokesman says. "We will put their unique [brand] on the front, so it's clearly Google's product. It will be our hardware and their software that we load for them. We do kind of a turnkey build on the system. Ultimately it's their product they are providing to their customers."

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