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Google Search for 'Snake' Takes On Whole New Meaning

Folks at Google's New York offices did some searching of their own earlier this week--attempting to track down a three-foot long python that was creeping around the cubicles and water coolers. reports that the snake, named Kaiser, is pet of a techie who couldn't bear to spend the day without his beloved serpent. The individual had stepped away from his desk and later discovered that his slithery pal had gone on walkabout. After several hours, Kaiser and his frantic (Editor's note: soon to be laid off?) owner were reunited.

Google kept the incident on the QT as to not alarm employees who were unaware that they were sharing office space with the reptile for most of the work day.

I wonder if there's a movie deal in this somewhere. Can't you just hear Samuel L. Jackson shouting, "Get these (expletive) snakes out of my (repeat expletive) search engine!"

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