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Google Launches Experimental Search Engine

Google has launched an unbranded, experimental site to test search features that could one day show up in its current online search engine.

The SearchMash homepage gives no indication that it's from Google. To see the connection, one has to go to the privacy page.

"SearchMash is a website operated by Google Inc.," the page says. "The Google Privacy Policy describes how we treat personal information when you use our products and services, including information provided when you use SearchMash."

A Google spokeswoman said in an email that the site was launched recently to test possible features for the regular search engine. There's no guarantee, however, any of the features would be used.

The site does not include Google branding, so the company can gather more objective data about users, the spokeswoman said. For this reason, the site did not come from Google Labs, a site that regularly launches new products in beta.

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