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Google Hires 'Father of the Internet' Vinton Cerf

Google Inc. on Thursday said it has hired Vinton Cerf, often called the "father of the Internet," a move seen as a reflection of the market-leading search engine's ability to attract the best talent.

Cerf, 62, is expected to help Google build network infrastructure, architectures, systems and standards for the "next generation of Internet applications," the Mountain View, Calif., company said. He's scheduled to join the search giant Oct. 3 from telecommunications company MCI, where he has worked since 1982, except for an eight-year break to do research at the Corporation for National Research Initiatives.

"Vint Cerf is clearly one of the great technology leaders of our time," Eric Schmidt, chief executive of Google, said in a statement. "His vision for technology helped create entire industries that have transformed many parts of our lives. We are honored to welcome him to Google."

Asked why Google? Cerf said in an interview with TechWeb, "Why not Google?"

"This is a place that's just full of creative energy, and I like places like that," he said. In addition, Cerf has known chief executive Eric Schmidt for decades.

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