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Gomez GPN: Web Monitoring With a Smile

The GPN 3.5 includes highly configurable alerts to be sent on a per-node basis, via e-mail or pager, to any number of addresses, with customized subject heads dependent on the type of alert. Options for alert types include page response time, number or percentage of object failures per page and content match failures. Additionally, users can specify threshold limits based on monitoring nodes.

Kudos to Gomez for providing a more complex Web site monitoring product than do Keynote Systems and Compuware. Interestingly, the GPN service also offers more functionality for its price. Monitoring of a single URL from 35 domestic and 15 international PoPs (points of presence) costs $250 per month. A single transaction runs $750 per month, but there are no restrictions on the complexity of the transaction script.

Good News
  • Can send SNMP alerts for processing in one or more NMSs.
  • Offers a graphical view of visitor demographics.
  • Provides highly configurable monitoring options.

    Bad News

  • Lacks interpacket expert analysis.
  • SNMP alert functionality requires a Microsoft Windows 2000 SP2 machine to be publicly accessible.
  • Script recorder requires a 64-MB download and supports only Windows.
  • Escalation of alerts is not supported directly but via integration with an NMS.
  • A three-node dial-up monitoring service is also available, with single URL monitoring costing a mere $250 per month. A clean interface requiring Java and JavaScript for graphing and charting delivers a smart, pleasing presentation of performance stats.

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