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Globix Offers "Hacker-Defense" Service

Globix launched a "Hacker Defense" service designed for all online retailers and e-commerce sites for use specifically in the run-up to Christmas. On-line retailers concerned about hacker attacks, which, by and large, are designed to bring down sites, can dynamically re-route Internet traffic to Globix' traffic cleaning service. Offered as an initial three-month package, corrupt traffic is 'off-loaded' and legitimate traffic is passed back to clients for processing, without the user's knowledge.

Globix' service uses brute force Intrusion Prevention Systems from Top Layer Networks. It can be fully functional within 24 hours of ordering, with no disruption to existing services, according to the company.

A spokesperson at Globix noted that pure-play on-line retailers see approximately 80 percent of their annual trade in the run-up to Christmas. Recent predictions by researchers indicate that online shopping will likely increase this year.