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Getting Started With Ethernet Cabling

Here's a new business opportunity for system builders: Instead of letting an electrician or specialized telecom contractor install the cabling when your SOHO (small office, home office) customers need a new network setup, learn to do it yourself.

While many sites are installing wireless networks, wireless is not always the best choice. Security needs, building construction, and other reasons can lead a company to link its computers using old-fashioned wired Ethernet.

To tap into the Ethernet cabling market, a system builder needs to know three basic things: which special tools are needed, how to choose the right cable, and how to terminate the ends of a cable run for a reliable connection. Let's look at each of these three need-to-know factors.

Choosing the Right Tools

As with any job, having the proper tools for installing Ethernet cabling will make the work go faster and easier. Plus, you'll have a better chance of doing it right the first time.

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