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Get Ready to Serve the Connected Generation

Teens today grew up in a connected world. When they were in middle school, many were surfing the Internet to collect information for their research papers. Most have had cell phones since the time they first began to notice the opposite sex. They expect to be able to use technology to enhance communications, so will your company be able to serve them?It is a different world today. While many adults have no clue about how to text, it is quite popular among teens. A recent survey by social networking site Bebo found that the average teen sends close to 10,000 a year, which is probably more than many adults have sent in their lifetimes. In addition, more than one third of teens watch more than 50 online videos each week while adults focus on traditional television.

These youngsters are also feel quite comfortable using digital cameras and mobile phones to enhance their communications. Two out of every three use these devices to keep a photographic record of their lives, and that record is virtually open to the public. Many teens have signed up for services like Bebo and Facebook and constantly update them. Consequently, these connected teens have used technology to expand their circle of friends. One of every two communicate online with 250 or more friends, so their ideas of social circles is much different those of previous generations.

These tech savvy individuals are rapidly making their way into the workforce as well as becoming your target customers. Small and medium businesses need to be ready to serve them. These individuals will expect companies to support instant messaging features internally as well as when communicating with customers. Video clips, ala YouTube, should be included for important communications. Broadband connections need to be available down to users desktops. Companies need to examine setting up social networking sites for their employees and customers. If a company does not provide such services to its clients or employees, chances are they will pack up and find one that will.