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Geek Chic: Gcast Podcasting Service

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GarageBand Records Gcast Want to try podcasting on the cheap? Gcast offers the chance to try basic podcasting free, by letting you record your podcast over the phone.

Gcast's service is not flawless by any means, but it is easy to use.

You start by establishing an account and creating a PIN for your phone number on the Gcast Web site. You call Gcast's toll-free number, enter your PIN, listen to the instructions and record your podcast. You can then rerecord, save to your Gcast account for further review, or broadcast the podcast directly to your podcast channel--automatically created along with your account--without ever touching a computer.

There are trade-offs, however. You have no power to edit the recording, not a trivial limitation if you are concerned about quality. Furthermore, when you play back the recording on the Gcast Web site, you may find electronic noise in the recording or a distinct sound when the recording ends. And the interface is sometimes confusing.

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