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Gateway Cuts E-Series Prices

Gateway, which just this week said it plans to reduce its workforce by another 1,000 employees in 2004, reduced something else on Friday: the prices of its E-Series managed desktop PCs.

Prices for the company's E-Series E-2100, E-4100, and E-6100 models, all of which are pitched to enterprises to run networked applications off servers -- the machines lack a hard drive, for instance -- have been cut by up to $320, said Gateway, depending on the system configuration.

Basic prices show a less substantial reduction: the base E-2100 and E-4100, for example, have been cut by just $50, while the higher-end E-6100 in its standard configuration has been dropped by $100.

In addition, Gateway's dialed down prices of some popular upgrades to its desktop PCs, including hard drives, memory and optical drive options