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Friday Freebies

To make up for last week's single freebie, we have three freebies for you this week. Enjoy!
Yes, this one has always technically been free, but in the past that "other" browser has been free at the cost of ad space. No more. Opera is now offered completely free of charge with no ads in your face. If you haven't tried Opera before, check it out - it's been steadily improving over the years and its CSS and HTML support are on track with the standards, something that can't be said about some other browsers out there.
Cashette is the of SPAM and free e-mail. Users get a free e-mail account - with 3000 MB of storage - and they get to name their price for receiving ... SPAM. That's right - spammers are allowed to send their mail to users at this site, IF they are willing to pay the price set by the users.

Cashette accounts are free and include a full-featured email account with 3 GB of storage space. The Cashette spam-control service works for Yahoo, Hotmail, AOL, Cashette, POP3, and many other types of email accounts.
And finally, we have yet another free blog hosting service, this one from The Skaffe Weblog Hosting script features 26 easy-to-use templates, or customized templates for unique looks. New blog entries are easily accomplished using a Windows-style, feature-packed entry system. A category option helps keep blogs neat and organized. Comments on blogs are easily controlled through user administration panels. Popular RSS feeds are available for all blogs. The script can also send pings to popular blog indexing services.
Enjoy your Friday Freebies, folks!