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Friday Freebies

This weeks Friday Freebies are browser plug-ins.
The first is for all you IE users out there who for some reason we can't fathom continue to use the browser (yeah, we know - standardization in the enterprise, rules, that kind of thing) but want the cool toys the rest of us have when using Firefox.
It's called Foxie and it's available at this site. Foxie is an extension for IE that gives IE tabbed browsing, ad and pop-up blocking support, as well as additional control over security and cookies, such as cleaning up every time IE starts. The tabbed browsing isn't quite as cool as Firefox's native support, but it is tabbed, which makes IE almost usable. For those of you used to hitting CTRL-T to get a new tab in Firefox, you can set the hot keys in Foxie to act like Firefox rather than the defaults offered with Foxie.
Just so you don't feel left out, Firefox users, I have one for you, too. FirefoxIE is a Firefox extension that makes Firefox look like IE. Really, it's just a theme, but there's some work involved here that most users probably aren't willing to do just to get Firefox to appear to be IE, including hand editing chrome and javascript files. But if you want to 'trick' a hard-core IE user into using Firefox, this may be the best way to do it.