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Friday Freebie

This Friday's Freebie is for application developers and is from Watchfire.
Watchfire® PowerToolsTM is a set of free web application security developer tools comprising the following utilities:

  • HTTP Proxy - An HTTP intercepting proxy which allows users to stop, edit and submit requests and responses between the client and the server. It includes the ability to write automated scripts in JavaScript using the utility API. This enables users to manipulate requests/responses automatically on the fly. HTTP Proxy also includes logging facilities for debugging of HTTP communications.
  • Connection Test - An HTTP pinging utility which helps website developers and auditors to test the connection between a client and a web server. Unlike the command PING, which uses the ICMP protocol (sometimes blocked by firewalls), Connection Test uses the HTTP protocol to communicate with the website.
  • HTTP Request Editor ??? An HTTP Request Editor that enables users to create specific HTTP requests and send them to a website. The editing can be performed either on the raw request, or by viewing the request in a parsed mode. The response to the request can be viewed either raw, or in an embedded browser.
  • Expression Test - A tool for testing regular expression patterns on a given text.
  • Encode/Decode - A utility that transforms text strings into several encoding methods, such as URL Encoding, Base64, 3DES, MD5, SHA1, HTML entities, Overlong UTF-8 and more.

You can grab the tools from Watchfire's new Security Zone