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Friday Freebie

Happy Friday!
Today's freebie is all about streaming live video.
Stickam is a completely free Web application that allows the broadcasting of live streaming video over the Internet.

There???s nothing to download and anyone with a broadband Internet connection and Flash can view the live stream without having to sign up for anything, configure anything or mess around with the settings on their computer. What's also great about the technology is that you can "stick" the Stickam player on almost any modifiable site like a MySpace page or blog and anyone can watch the stream where you want it to play.

Indie bands have been using Stickam for live performances, but the technology certainly doesn't require that you whip out your old guitar and play, unless you want to, of course.

So hop on over to Stickam's site and grab this one, then dazzle (or frighten) your friends, family, and fans with some live performance.

We suggest that a live reading of Kernigan and Ritchie's "The C Programming Language" might not be the best choice for your opening night, but hey - you never know.

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