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Friday Freebie

Today's freebie is brought to you by the letter "N", for NetJaxer.
NetJaxer integrates Web 2.0 applications like Gmail, iOutliner, TadaList, Digg, Writely (recently acquired by Google), and Meebo with Windows, making them easily accessible via several traditional Windows launch mechanisms.
Users can create desktop, tray, and quick launch icons and use these applications with the NetJaxer custom browser.

A few of these Web 2.0 sites that you can use with NetJaxer: Writely which allows users to do word processing right on the web instead of having a word processing program installed on their computer, Meebo, a site that will let users login to a variety of intstant messenger platforms right from the web, iOutliner which lets users make to-do lists and project outlines, as well the very popular Gmail. NetJaxer lets users integrate these programs as well as many other Web 2.0 programs right into Windows so they can be easily accessed with a click of a mouse.

NetJaxer can be downloaded here.

Happy Integrating!