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Friday Freebie

Today I actually have something free for you! Woo hoo!
For a limited time, 1&1 Internet is offering .info domains at no charge for one year.

That's right, a free .info domain for a whole year. That's like, ummm... well, depending on the registrar...not much. And it's not like their offering free hosting of the domain for a year, so you still have to pay for that.

TANSTAAFL, I guess. But if you want to play with a domain for a year, at least you can do it free, right?

Okay, so that sucked. How about a free anti-virus scanner instead? The AntiVir?? PersonalEdition Classic is absolutely free and it runs on all versions of Window and Linux and FreeBSD and Solaris. How cool is that? (Not that you really need it on Linux or FreeBSD or Solaris, but you never know, right? It protects all your friends who aren't running a *NIX, just in case.)

You can get a copy of AntiVir's free AV scanner here.